Rumle59 Latzhose Raw selvage denim dungarees

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Even more Raw Selvage Denim and even more details! A further style has found it's way into our high-class "Selage-Denim" league! 

New style - new selvage quality - same slogan: "Think Big!". This first-class, rough 14,5 oz denim won't cry craven without any resistance also. Our new Rumble59 Selvage Dungarees must be tamed as well if you'd like to give this pair of jeans your personal style! This new style doesn't only look great because of the high-class quality but also because of the awesome details. The pattern is extra authentic due to the zipper pocket at bib.
Dungarees with a pocket like this on their bib have been very popular in the 40s to 50s. The first one, who created a pocket style like this was Oscar Berman in 1936. His design was patented on 18th april 1936. Inspired by this fantastic idea, which of course was rightly patented, the bib design of the "Rumble59 Raw Selvage Dungerees" was born. This Dungarees doesn't want for storage place: This pair of jeans has two pockets on back with our V59 logo embroidery and an oblong pocket for a folding rule as well as a loop for hammer at pant legs. The front as two sideways french pockets and several, different pockets on bib. A coin pocket with selvage edge as well as a small loop for walletchain complete the large space. An additionally and nice detail: A buttonhole at upper edge of bib for fixation of chain of clock or keys - Just like in the good old days! 

Backgroundinfos "Selvage Denim":
Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. Typically, the selvage edges will be located along the out-seam of the pants, making it visible when cuffs are worn. The word "selvage" comes from the phrase "self-edge", the natural edge of a roll of fabric. As applied to denim, it means that which is made on old-style shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt. As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or selvage. Selvage is desirable because the edge cannot fray like denim made on a projectile loom that has separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched. The selvage edge is normally fixed by a coloured thread: green, white, brown, yellow or red - which is the is the most common colour. The selvage denim is very high-class and expensive because of the old-style shuttle looms that work much slower. These looms produce a much lower fabric width, which causes a much longer piece of fabric to produce a pair of jeans. 
You receive a special and unique "washing" by wearing a raw or even a selvage denim 6-8 month day-to-day without washing this pair of jeans. The first washing fixes the present look which means the colour wouldn't change anymore afterwards or only extremly slow. Denim freaks advise to wash this type of jeans not at all. "Wear, wear, wear" is the motto. If possible to put hand on the pair of jeans: dry clean!

Tips, tricks and instruction details for RAW-Denim:
To take much and of course long pleasure in the unwashed raw look we advise to have this denim dry-cleaned! 
Of course machine wash is possible, but it will change the rough, untreated denim character. Also the untreated denim could shrink with the first washing. If it needs to be washed - please necessarily wash it inside out and separately, because unwashed denim will loose a lot of dye. Every new unwashed denim will "bleed out". Because the dark dying could only be realized - and could last a long time - if the denim is dyed with indigo for several times. Indigo isn't colour-fast which brings the typical, natural ageing process of blue denim. Insiders and fans of RAW-Denim know that's the reason why you should take care with all light fabric covers, wallpapers and bags while wearing this denim. There also may be staining on light clothing such as underwear, sox and shoes just effected by body heat.

In the end the basic info to our Rumble59 Selvage Dungarees at a glance:
- fabric: best 14,5 oz dark blue selvage denim, unwashed - length will shrink approx. ca. 1cm / 0.4" with 1. washing 
- well-known button fly with Rumble59-logo-buttons 
- classical straight cut like our first dungarees style, perfect for boots or creepers 
- adjustable straps 
- bib with big pocket as well as smaller one with flap 
- nice detail: zipper-pocket at bib for easy sideway access 
- additional buttonhole at upper edge of bib for fixation of chain of clock or keys
- loop for hammer and pocket for folding rule sideways at pant leg
- coin pocket with selvage edge
- small loop for walletchain above coin pocket 
- logo-embroidery on back pockets
- Rumble59 logo at turn-up, at flap as well as on bib of backpart
- composition: 100% Cotton
- colour: deep blue

confidence in textiles
All Rumble59 Jeans are produced according the highest ecological standards. The application of chemical additives or whitener is renounced completely.

Be prepared for a new kind of rockin' denim.