Schmiere comb

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Available sizes: 
  • 15cm x 3cm

Please feel free to grease your hair properly. This is for all the Greaser out there who share the Schmiere Raven's passion: 'Ich mag's schmierig' ('I like it greasy'). To make sure your precious hair will be perfectly styled all day long, get yourself this devil's tool - decorated with the raven's feathery countenance. Achieve rockabilly hair style perfection with this fantastic 3D-comb. With the Raven's head in cool 3D-optic and the 'I like it greasy' statement you only need to take one glance to know that you need to have this comb. Made from quality zinc this comb doesn't just look great, it also glides through your hair like butter due to its rounded teeth. It's also a great accessory for the back pocket of a pair of our dark blue Rumble59 jeans. Our comb kills two birds with one stone - practicality and style! Go for it! Envious views guaranteed! The Rumble59 - 3D-comb - 'I like it greasy' in summary: Measurements: approx. 15 x 3cm Material: zinc Rounded teeth Schmiere Raven head in 3D optic Embossment Rumble59 offers stylish and practical accessories for all fans of the rock'n'roll style! The 'I like it greasy' comb makes a cool feature and combines style and functionality.