1932 Engineer Pant Kings & Queens Army olive

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Available sizes: 
  • 30/34
  • 31/34
  • 32/34
  • 34/34
  • 34/36
  • 36/34
  • 38/34
  • 38/36
  • 40/34
Size chart: 

Our 1932 Engineer Pant is based on an early 1930s US Army Service Chino. These pants were originally meant to be worn as in the field as a part of the uniform, aswell as a formal attire. Therefore the fit was roomy and comfortable for a full range of movement. When washed and ironed, it looked sharp and suited. For the fabric we used an authentic cavalry twill. As the name implies, it also has a military background and was often used in riding garments due to its long-lasting characteristics.

The following features characterize our 1932 Engineer Pant: 

- 320 gram twill made from 100% cotton 
- high waist, loose fit 
- Cinch back in zinc finishing, buttons made of real ivory nut 
- Button fly 
- Suspender Buttons 
- D-ring for attaching a pocket watch chain
- Made in Turkey

The trousers have been rinsed in order to provide more comfort. 

*seasonal item