Courage is a choice bandana

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  • one size

Who else than our good ol' friend, the "Big Bad Wolf", is allowed to teach us the world? This furry companion knows that everyone has the choice and first of all it's the choice of courage! Because in today's world of speed restrictions, silent family cars or high polished vintage cars, courage is needed. It takes courage to choose against polishing, but for rust and flawless mechanics. It takes courage to push the gas pedal to the limit, passing all the sunday drivers. It takes courage to let the exhaust roar loudly and rather drive a car with Lake Pipes than with a catalyst through enemy territory. In this sense, carry this bandana with you as a holy grail - as a matter of care, add a knot to it, for these days dangers lurk everywhere, trying to distract you from the right path.

Cool Rockabilly accessory with unique print.

The Bandana by Rumble59 convinces with its soft cotton fabric and the cool print in watercolor style. It has a great size, which is neither too small nor too big, and looks great anytime: Worn both classy and casual in the back pocket of your trousers and looks also great as a head-, hair- or wirstband or as a scarf. Already in the 50s, legends like Marlon Brando or Rosie the Riveter wouldn't leave the house without a bandana. Rosie loved the bandana as a headscarf - Marlon Brando preferred to wear it casually in the back pocket of his blue jeans. Which way do you prefer?

The Bandana "Courage is a choice" at a glance:
  • Material: cotton
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Color: blue
  • Pattern: other
  • Watercolor print in offwhite/blue
  • Size: approx. 52 x 52 cm

Rumble59 offers cool and useful accessories for lovers of rock'n'roll style! This Bandana convinces with its extraordinary print and soft material.