Leather Wallet lanyard

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Available sizes: 
  • one size

Does your wallet often do stubborn trips while cruising or rocking? Then it's time to put it on a leash! Here we offer you a simple and effective option, which looks very nice by the way. The high-quality leather chain looks great and won't let go of your belongings - unless you allow it!

Great leather chain to secure your wallet in style.

Already in the 50's Wallet Chains were considered a fashionable attribute for Rockabillies, Teddyboys and Bikers. Wallet Chains aren?t only a cool accessory, but make sure you don?t lose your wallet - no matter if you?re on a turbulent party or a speedy joyride. This chain here convinces by its simplicity: Two large snap hooks are connected by an almost 1 cm thick string of genuine leather. This simple, but equally beautiful and stable construction protects your wallet from theft. Packed in a cotton bag the good piece waits longingly in it for the fulfilment of its purpose. Don't hesitate too long and give this leather chain a new home before someone else does.

The details of the "Leather Wallet Chain" at a glance:
  • Material: leather
  • Color: beige
  • Length: approx. 54 cm
  • Size: approx. 0.9 cm
  • Weight: approx. 65 g
  • Large carabiners in industrial quality
  • Packed in cotton bag

Rumble59 offers a wide range of cool Rockabilly accessoires! High quality, functionality and a cool look are combined to a braided Walletchain made of genuine leather!