Pike Brothers 1908 Miner Pant Swedish Stripes

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Our 1908 Miner Pant is based on a typical gold miner pant from the 19th century. Hence the name. Our 1908 Miner Pant has typical features that were often found on mining and workwear-pants: doubled knees, a single rear pocket, a hammer loop and suspender buttons. For the fabric we have recreated a very nice European Selvedge Twill: Swedish Stripes. This fabric was originally made for inmates in prisons, mainly based in Northern Europe in the 20ies and 30ies. Speaking about prison-inmates, surely the well-known „Daltons“ may come into your mind. Although there is a certain similarity to the clothes that were typical for the contemporary lag-wear of the US-jailhouses, the Swedish Stripes are different. The stripes in Europe had a vertical and descreeter, thus more decent design. Also the fabrics used on these garments had way better quality and ruggedness, making them a perfect wear for hard labour in- and outdoors.

Further details characterize our 1908 Miner Pant Swedish Stripes:

- 10,5 oz Swedish Stripes Selvedge Twill fabric, 100% cotton 
- High waist with comfort fit and button fly
- Double knee
- Hammer loop
- Woven manufacturer patch
- Made in Portugal