Pike Brothers 1943 Deck Hook dark blue jacket

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  • xxl
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The original Deck Hook Jacket was introduced around 1943/44 and was used by all US Navy Personell. The Deck Hook jacket was produced due to the need for a jacket that could be easily opened and closed with gloves on. All predecessors were difficult to handle because of the rather small sized zippers. A similar closing system still can be found on modern fire fighter jackets. As the original our version also offers a water proof membrane, making it the ideal jacket for outside activities!

Attention! The Deck Hook Jacket might have some bent hooks. It is possible to close the jacket but it can happen that the hooks need some adjustment. This can easily done with small pliers. Please be aware if you not happy with the product please return the jacket in unused condition. There for we can not refund or replace any used jacket with damaged hooks. Thank you to understand.

Our 1943 Deck Hook Jacket features all characteristics as the legendary originals:
• outer layer of densely woven double faced jungle cloth (wind & water resistant)
• wool blanket lining
• heavy duty closure hooks
• authentic Spec. Label
• proper 1940s knit wind cuffs
• stand up collar
• Made in Turkey

For the detailed measurements please see our sizechart.