Set of 3 Beard Oil

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Available sizes: 
  • 3 x 10ml

Set of 3 Beard Oil

The Bootlegger Beard Oil 10ml

The Peaky Blinder Beard Oil 10ml

The Silken Scallywag Beard Oil 10ml


Beard Oil – The Bootlegger

Black Pepper, Benzoin,
Clove, Cinnamon
& Lime.

Imagine your finest bottle of Spiced Rum with hints of fresh Tobacco Leaf.

A Spicy hit from the Black Pepper blends with the warming but the sweet smell of Clove Bud and Cinnamon with a maple-like smell from the Benzoin and a hint of fresh citrusy of lime.

A smell any Rum Runner would be envious of.


Beard Oil – The Peaky Blinder

Tangerine, Vanilla & Spearmint.

This is a stimulating and sweet scent.

With a blend of fresh Spearmint and the undertones of uplifting citrusy Tangerine and exotic Vanilla.

Enough to stop any Blinder feeling peaky and get you going in the morning.


The Silken Scallywag.

Cypres, Bergamot & Vanilla.

A scent any Lumberjack would be proud of.

The fresh cut wood smell of Cypress, with undertones of sweet but spicy Bergamot and exotic creamy vanilla.

Enough to make and Scallywag seem silken.